Event: «Post-Growth Geopolitics: Europe at a Crossroads»

On 8 February, the online event Geopolitics of Post-Growth: Europe at the Crossroads, organised by Green Transition together with the Green European Foundation, took place as part of the project «Geopolitics of a post-growth Europe«, led by Richard Wouters of the Wetenschappelijk Bureau Groenlinks foundation. Participants:

  • Gaya Herrington, econometrician and researcher. Author of «Update to Limits to Growth».
  • Jesús A. Núñez, geopolitical expert and co-director of IECAH.
  • Richard Wouters, coordinator of the report and researcher at the Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks
  • Moderator: Lourdes Lucía, lawyer and publisher and cofounder of ATTAC Spain

You can watch the video of the event here:

The video is also available in Spanish.

We also provide you with the presentations that were shown:

Richard’s presentation marks the launch of the project report which you can download here.

All the information about the project is available here.